“I never thought that RYLA would be such a big part of my life, as it has been. I still don’t fully understand exactly what the special formula is – some uncanny combination of meeting new people, learning about leadership and teamwork, the spontaneous surprises that flavour the camp, and the instant and lifelong bonds we form. The friendships I’ve formed through RYLA cross borders and cultural boundaries. They’re more than acquaintances; they’re more like extended family! RYLA was the catalyst, the cocoon I needed to pass through to develop into the kind of leader that I am today. Since RYLA I’ve been on other camps, they were nothing like what I experienced at all. I’ve also been so lucky to give back to the program by being a director at RYPEN, the sister program. If you are thinking about attending RYLA, the best thing to do is to ask someone who has been – you will immediately be affected by their energy that comes from just remembering their time there.”

Jim Richards


“Being on the older end of the spectrum RYLA was a different experience for me than many of the other participants as obviously I’m a little older, hopefully a tiny bit more experienced and more settled in my life. So perhaps some of the content wasn’t new, perhaps some of the guest speakers seemed like an echo I’d heard before and yet my experience at RYLA was moving, was valid and was equally important. It didn’t change my life or introduce me to a whole new world, but it gave me the opportunity to reflect, to re-evaluate, to take time out from my busy life and experience myself through other people’s eyes, which is something that we don’t often have the opportunity to do.”

Alysha Herrmann


“Although my batch of RYLArians have undergone several other trainings after RYLA 2010, whenever we tried our best not to compare, we were driven to the extent to mentioning the uniqueness of RYLA trainings. The way each programme was organised, the content of it, the exemplary role models of directors and the list can on and on. RYLA is by far the best and will always be the best Youth Training programme a youth can ever come across. Even a few days back, during the Youth Parliament training, the 2 teams of RYLArians had to sit rejuvenate ourselves by reflecting on RYLA moments and danced for the song again to bring back our energy.┬áRYLA is still a unique programme no matter what.”

Roy Raman


“RYLA is one of those experiences you can only talk to other RYLArians about, its unique, the people are amazing and the things you learn about yourself and others are priceless.”

Pamela Perre


“RYLA was amazing, it allowed me to discover my own strengths and then sent me into the world to use them.”

Nick Ditter