Applications now open for Leadership Team members in 2017

Do you want to be one of the awesome group which is our RYLA/RYPEN Directors and Secretaries?

In 2017 we expand our programs to four.

RYPEN Sunraysia at Lake Cullulleraine continues under the stewardship of Stephany Martin (RYLA 11) as Administrator, and Jenna Casey (RYLA 15) as Lead Director, with ambitions of doubling in size In 2017.
RYPEN Metro is expanding to two concurrent programs which will again be held at Woodhouse. These programs will run under the guidance of Damian Leach as Administrator, and will have two Lead Directors, Tyler Lawrence (RYLA 12) and Liz Gardner (RYLA 15).
And obviously, there is RYLA which you have all experienced, and provides an excellent opportunity to develop many different skills.
There are awesome opportunities to be a Director or Secretary for RYPEN (either program) but also RYLA, as the Lead Director, Director, or Secretary. This continues your RYLA experience by providing the opportunity to implement your learning in practice.

Key dates

Applications close: October 19
Lead Director selection: by October 23
Selection day for all roles: October 30
Training Weekend: late January
It makes selection a lot easier to have all applicants at the selection day, however, we also recognise that it is not possible in all cases. Please contact us if you have any previous engagements which you are unable to get out of.
So get your skates on, and go here to apply!
We look forward to seeing your application. 
If you have any questions, please contact us on 0438 294 563 or at