International RYLA 2014

The text that follows is from Peter Poulton, district chair.

Hello, everyone.  I hope 2014 has started well for you, and keeps getting better all year.

This email is being sent to all graduates and leaders from the last 3 RYLA seminars.  You will probably be aware that an International RYLA Seminar is being held in conjunction with the Rotary International Convention in Sydney this year.  If you would like more information on the proposed event, click here for the link to the website

The D9520 RYLA Committee has decided to offer financial assistance to one or more applicants who would like to attend, and who are in a position to add value to the RYLA program in 9520.  Please note that this latter proviso is not a requirement for attending the seminar, only for the provision of this committee’s financial assistance.  We have limited funds available, but will allocate it to fully or partially fund one or more applicants who are best able to meet our criteria.  Once you’ve read the information on the website, you’re sure you meet the criteria and can commit to the time frame, and you know you want to continue to work with D9520 RYLA/RYPEN programs, please send me an email outlining how you feel you can best contribute to the programs in our district.  It might also help if you also outline your commitment to Rotary and/or its ethos over a wider context. If you have a strong bond with the club that sponsored you to RYLA originally, it is advisable that you also let them know what you’re doing, as it may well be that the best use of our limited funding is in partially funding a number of applicants jointly with clubs.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me by phone or email.  If you wish to apply, I’ll need your email by Friday January 10.  The decision on how we allocate our funds will then be made by a selection panel including some committee members, DG Wendy Gaborit and DGE Jerry Casburn. Our decision will be based on your past and current commitment to RYLA, your commitment to Rotary, and your capability to contribute to the ITYLA seminar and transfer some of the benefits back to RYLA 9520.  Once that decision is made, we’ll need to perform some quick footwork to ensure that applications are completed by you and endorsed by DG Wendy by January 17.

Peter Poulton
District 9520 Chair
RYLA & RYPEN Programs
Mob:      0439 805640